VicTop HD 1080P HDMI to VGA Converter Adapter with 3.5mm Audio Port Cable For PC, Laptop, DVD, Desktop, Ultrabook, Notebook, Intel Nuc, Chromebook, Roku Streaming Media Player, Cable Box, TV Box or Other HDMI Input Devices – Gold Plated

  • Ultra-MINI, unique design. HDMI to VGA converter with 3.5 mm audio port can transport audio and video from HDMI compatible device to a monitor or projector with VGA port. With this gadget, you can enjoy HD video in large screen.
  • Advanced active IC chip. Built-in active IC chip converts HDMI digital signal to VGA analog signal.
  • Support high resolution. The HDMI to VGA converter supports resolution up to 1920×1080(1080p Full HD) including 720p and 1600×1200 for HD monitors or projectors.
  • Gold-plated HDMI interface. Gold-plated HDMI connector resists corrosion and abrasion, and enhances the signal transmission performance.
  • Large compablity. The HDMI-VGA converter is compatible with laptop, TV BOX, or other devices with HDMI port. VGA female port can be connected to projectors, HDTV, monitors/Displayer and other device with VGA male port. 3.5mm audio port cable can be connected to speaker, headphone, amplifier and other devices.


HDMI to VGA Adapter provides an easy and cost-effective solution for connecting a notebook or desktop PC to a VGA display such as monitor, projector, or TV. Simply connect the HDMI male end of the converter into a HDMI connector of notebook or desktop PC and the female end of the adapter to your VGA cable from the display. (VGA cable is not included but it’s commonly available in the market). Portable, Compact, Space-saving, Easy to Use.
This portable and mini converter is easy to take and plug and play. No complicated installation.

Support a Full High Definition Resolution
The HDMI to VGA Adapter allows for a connection to VGA monitors and projectors supporting a maximum 1080P resolution.

Output Both Audio and Video Signal
With VGA female port and 3.5mm audio port, you can connect to your new NoteBook, Laptop, HD DVD, HD DV without VGA interface to projector, Display, LCD, TV & Monitor in old model with VGA interface only for big screen viewing, and output audio signal by speaker, headphone, amplifier and other device with 3.5mm audio port.


1. Color: Black
2. Input: HDMI Male
3. Output: VGA Female 4. Support Resolutions: 480i/480p/576i/576p/800×600/720i/720p/1280×1024/1600×1200/1080i/1080p
5. Audio Support: Yes.


1. DO NOT support Blue-ray discs, PS3, PS4
2. This is NOT a bi-directional converter. It only transfers signal from HDMI to VGA.
3. A VGA cable is required when you connect this converter to devices with VGA port such as monitors, projectors. (VGA cable is not included but it’s commonly available in the market.)

Package Included:

1x HDMI to VGA converter
1x 3.5mm Audio Cable

Lowest Price: £5.29
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UGREEN VGA Extension Cable, VGA/SVGA Male to Female Extension Monitor Cable 2m with Ferrite Cores Gold Plated

  • Ugreen VGA to VGA 15 pin Monitor Cable links any VGA-equipped desktop or laptop computer to a computer monitor, display, or projector with a 15-pin VGA port. Ideal for at home or work, the cable creates a reliable connection for anything from gaming to video editing or video projection.
  • HD15 SVGA cable supports resolutions at 800×600 (SVGA), 1024×768 (XGA), 1600×1200 (UXGA), 1080p (Full HD), 1920×1200 (WUXGA),and up for high resolution LCD and LED monitors
  • VGA cable provides superior performance thanks to the combination of gold-plated connectors and 28AWG bare copper conductors.
  • VGA PC monitor cable with Foil & braid shielding and integrated ferrite cores, suppress noise, and protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference
  • VGA cord engineered with molded strain relief connectors for durability, grip treads for easy plugging and unplugging

Smart Solution for Home and Business Desktop
Ugreen Preminum VGA/SVGA HD15 male to male coaxial cable allows you to extend your projectors, Displays, TVs, monitors with VGA interface to your Laoptop or PC for high quality videos or photos.

Superior Quality for Free Signal Transfer
-24K gold-plated connectors
-28AWG bare copper conductors(no copper clad steel)
-Triple shielding and ferrite core protect against EMI/RFI interference
-Molded strain relief connectors increase the strength of the cable
-PVC Outer Jacket for Durability and Interference Protection
-RoHs Compatible
-OD: 7.3mm

Broadly Compatible with PCs and Macs
Compatible with any PC or Mac equipped with a 15-pin female XVGA/SVGA/VGA CPU port.

Supported Resolutions
Supports resolutions at 800×600 (SVGA), 1024×768 (XGA), 1600×1200 (UXGA), 1080p (Full HD), 1920×1200 (WUXGA),and up for high resolution LCD and LED monitors

In The Box
Ugreen VGA to VGA extension cable

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ChampSun VGA to HDMI, Gold Plated 1080P VGA to HDMI Adapter Converter and USB Audio Analogue to Digital from Desktop/ Laptop/ Notebook/ Computer/ PC/ HD TV-box to HDTV/ Monitor/ Projector

  • Gold-plated connectors resist corrosion, make performance is more stable and transmitting signal and to achieve better compatibility.
  • In strict accordance with the HDMI standard design, stable and reliable signal transmission; Supports Both Video and Audio.Creating the perfect visual & auditory experience.
  • Easy to use – Installation within seconds, converts VGA signal to HDMI with R/L audio,creates a complete digital video and digital audio experience; Common use place:HDMI exhibition center, data monitoring center, large conference center, factories, schools, companies and so on.
  • HDMI version: HDMI1.3/1080P
    VGA input format:1280 * 720 @ 60Hz, 1280 * 768 @ 60Hz, 1280 * 800 @ 60Hz, 1280 * 1024 @ 60Hz, 1360 * 768 @ 60Hz, 1600 * 1200 @ 60Hz, 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz
    HDMI output format: 720P, 1080I, 1080P.
  • Supports hot swappable, Plug and play, needn’t any driver and software,built-in chip, powerful performance; Has good compatibility , perfect support 1920 x 1080@60Hz resolution, etc.

This VGA to HDMI audio video Adapter allows you to upscale analog VGA signal to digital HDMI signal. The converter will take audio via USB from the computer and embedded it to the HDMI output along with video signal making it ideal for connecting PCs and laptops to Big HDTV or Monitor.

Input: VGA + Audio+USB male
Output: HDMI female
Cable length: 30cm
Color: Black
Weight: 87g/3oz
HDMI version: HDMI1.3/1080P

How to use it?
– First, turn on the computer and monitor.
– Second, take the VGA port connected to the computer, connect the USB cable, and then connect the audio cable.
– Third, connect the HDMI cable to the monitor and then check the connection to make sure the connection is correct.

Important Note:
1.When the product can not work,
1) USB need to connect 5V 1A external power supply, you can also connect the computer’s USB power.
2) Make sure the VGA HDMI port is not connected, this converter is NOT bi-directional, it only converts from VGA to HDMI.
3) Display Receiver Signal Determines whether to adjust to HDMI signal input. Please adjust the display to the HDMI input signal.
4) D.When all the devices are connected, the red activity indicator lights to indicate that the product is working.

2.The image quality is degraded when connected
1) After the product is connected, the image is reduced in quality, you can set the resolution in the computer to achieve the best display, the product is to support 1920 * 1080P resolution, can be backward compatible.
2) Check with HDMI cable is a standard 19 +1 copper wire core. If the HDMI cable quality is poor, will also affect the image output.

Package Included:
1 x VGA to HDMI output 1080p HD + audio video convert cable and 1 x USB cable

Lowest Price: £9.99
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