Seagate 4TB NAS Pro 2 bay (2x 2TB NAS HDD) – desktop network attached storage (1.7GHz Dual Core, 2GB RAM, Dual Gigabit Ethernet)

  • Speed
  • Connectivity
  • Dataprotect
  • A complete network storage & private cloud solution for power users and businesses with up to 50 employees.
  • Built with the latest Intel dual-core processor specifically for NAS, plus ample memory and dual Gigabit Ethernet connections, Seagate NAS Pro delivers the performance needed for data intensive tasks.
  • Effortlessly configure and set up multiple devices from a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • The included App Manager allows you to add functionality, such as the surveillance app that turns your NAS into a recording solution for IP cameras, or the anti-virus app that can scan files and identify threats before it’s too late.
  • The included Seagate NAS HDDs are engineering for applications running 24×7, feature improved vibration tolerance, advanced management capabilities and are rated for higher reliability than standard desktop drives.

LaCie 4TB Seagate NAS PRO 2bay STDD4000200 Storage Network Storage NAS

Lowest Price: £477.71
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