Apple Mini DVI to HDMI adapter cable by Neet®

  • *** Original Neet® Product *** Mini-DVI (male) to HDMI (female / Full size 19 pin Type A) adapter cable *** NOTE : This does NOT fit Mini DisplayPort connections … check your Mac port !!!! ***
  • *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** ::: Mini-DVI is NOT FOR USE WITH Apple Macs that have Mini-DISPLAYPORT (eg: the NEW MacBooks, Pro, iMac etc. have Mini DisplayPort NOT Mini DVI) … PLEASE CHECK YOUR PORT !!!! – If required, the Neet Mini-Displayport to HDMI adapter is available.
  • For use with MINI-DVI equipped Apple Macbook, MacBook Pro, iMac (intel core duo), 12 inch PowerBook G4, Mac Mini etc.
  • Supports Video-Mirroring & Extended desktop modes. ZERO LOSS Full HD performance.
  • Length: 32cm. Triple Shield twisted pair cable. HD Cable specialist NEET customer support. *** NO EXCESSIVE PACKAGING *** LIFETIME WARRANTY ***

HD video from your Mac on your HDTV ! …. This high performance HD product is a MINI-DVI (male) to HDMI (female) cable / adapter which allows you to hook up any MINI-DVI enabled source device ( eg: Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro / 12″ Powerbook G4 / iMac with Mini DVI port ) to any HDMI enabled display device (eg: HDTV / HDMI Display / HDMI AV Amp) to transfer Full HD Video. >>>>>>> ( Note: This Mini-DVI adapter is NOT compatible with the Mini-DISPLAYPORT interface eg: as found on the late 2008 MackBook Pro ) >>>>>>> Ultra high density, triple shielded and high intensity twisted pair cable is used for the most stabilized impedance and highest uncompressed digital video signal transfer available >>>>>>> NOTE : Don’t forget you may need a HDMI cable to complete the connection from your MINI- DVI device output to your HDMI TV or display !…. For connecting to a DVI enabled TV or display you can use a HDMI to DVI cable with this adapter… HDMI to HDMI and HDMI to DVI cables are available from our Neet Cables AMAZON STOREFRONT >>>>>>> NOTE : DVI and Mini-DVI does not transfer audio so a separate cable may be required >>>>>>> For routing HD video we strongly recommend using high quality HDMI / DVI cables especially over long cable lengths. Neet Advanced High-Speed HDMI 1.3b cables are the fastest and latest HDMI specification and are manufactured to the very highest standards… Neet Cables are available direct from our AMAZON STREFRONT and come with our LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you have any problem or would like any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us for fast and friendly expert customer support.

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